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Constituency Profile


Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill

Current MP : Tom Clarke
Current Party :
Majority 2010(%) : 49.75

2010 Results:

  Candidate Votes % % change from '05
Tom Clarke 2772866.6+2.12
Frances McGlinchy701416.85+3.27
Kenn Elder35198.45-3.56
Fiona Houston33748.1+0.86


Swing req for SNP gain 24.8757%
SNP winability* 50
Swing req for LD gain 29.0729%
LD winability* 47
Swing req for CON gain 29.2470%
CON winability* 57
* This is the rank of each seat according to marginality by party

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill Candidate Profiles

Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke was educated at the Scottish College of Commerce and went on to act as an election agent for former MP Jimmy Dempsey at the age of just 18.  Four years later he became a local councillor.  He later served as President of COSLa and was awarded a CBE for his services to local government.

Tom was elected for Coatbridge & Airdrie in a by-election in 1982.  The constituency became Monklands West the following year, Coatbridge and Chryston in 1997 and finally expanded in size and is named Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill.  In the General Election of 2005 Tom Clarke had a larger majority than any other MP in the UK.

Tom has held a number of party roles, including as Spokesman on Development.  In 1992 Party Leader John Smith appointed him Shadow Scottish Secretary, where he successfully led the campaign against water privatisation.  He transferred to Overseas Development a year later and helped expose the Pergau Dam scandal.  In 1995 Tom was appointed Spokesman on Disabled People and much of his work in parliament has been centred on issues relating to disabled rights.

Fiona Houston

Fiona Houston, journalist, author, and 42 year-old mother of two, is the Conservative Candidate for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill.

She said: "For too long, Labour has had a stranglehold on power in North Lanarkshire. It is time for a change. David Cameron's Conservatives are the only party that to dig us our of Gordon Brown's recession and offer fresh ideas. Labour has had long enough to bring new jobs, better health and better education to the people of North Lanarkshire. The Conservatives are the only party that can fix Labour's mess."

Fiona will be fighting to persuade people in this area that David Cameron's Conservatives are a real alternative to Gordon Brown and his cronies.

Frances McGlinchy

Frances has lived all her life in the Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill.

The daughter of a former miner and steelworker, she entered politics aged 15. She was educated in Coatbridge then Bell gaining a Post graduate qualification in Personnel.

Frances has worked on environmental matters, anti nuclear and peace issues since the eighties. Involved in the SNP trade union group and Unison, Frances has in the past been involved in trade union forums at a national and international level.

Frances graduated with a BA (hons) in 1996 and since has worked in employment and disability throughout Lanarkshire.

At the election in 2007 Frances was elected as a SNP councillor to represent the Strathkelvin ward on North Lanarkshire Council.

Kenn Elder

Kenneth was born in Dundee and went to school in north Wiltshire and Stirling.

He studied Human Geography and Economics at the University of Reading and maintains a keen interest in economic development and regeneration.

Kenneth is a Chartered Management Accountant and has extensive experience within the Financial Services and Banking industry.

He has previously worked in the south of England and Australia and for the last ten years has lived in north Glasgow.

Kenneth was elected to Glasgow City Council for the Hillhead ward in 2007 and is currently the Convener of the Finance and Audit Scrutiny Committee.

In his spare time he is a passionate follower of football (Dundee United), rugby (Glasgow Warriors) and cricket (Somerset CCC).

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