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Economy – Monday 28th March at 12.30pm

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ScotlandVotes: The Scotland on Sunday Debates – Economy

The last in our series of election debates.  Come along for your chance to grill the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney, and the opposition spokespeople.

The debate is likely to be wide and focus on the state of the Scottish economy, employment, Scottish Enterprise, small business, the role of the public sector, shared services, financial powers of the Parliament, transport, planning and Scottish Water. If you want to find out what the parties think about these issues or ask a question, then you need to register to get involved.

How to get involved

Click the play button anytime between 12.30pm and 1.30pm and the live video feed will open up.

Please enter your questions to the panel using the chat box above and we will feed these to the debate chair, Kenny Farquharson deputy editor Scotland on Sunday.  You can also join the chat via your Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter – send us your questions to @scotlandvotes

Facebook – join in on

If you want to attend the debate in person tickets for the event being held at The Scotsman HQ, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh are available until 1  hour before the event.  Click here to register for a ticket.

The Economy Spokespeople

  • John Swinney, SNP
  • Andy Kerr, Scottish Labour
  • Jeremy Purvis, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Derek Brownlee, Scottish Conservatives


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