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We want to know what you think on a range of issues related to the Scottish independence debate. Each month we will be asking for your votes on five topical questions relevant to the independence referendum.

This month: Culture & Sport

Should the Scottish Parliament have control over broadcasting in Scotland?
Yes 69% Don't Know 5% No 26%
Do you think there’s a significant difference between Scottish and British identity?
Yes 71% Don't Know 3% No 27%
Should there be a Scottish Olympic Team?
Yes 66% Don't Know 3% No 30%
Would the arts and cultural sectors be more vibrant in an independent Scotland?
Yes 62% Don't Know 12% No 26%
In the event of Scottish independence, should Scotland establish its own Lottery?
Yes 55% Don't Know 22% No 23%

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Culture & Sport
Should the Scottish Parliament have control over broadcasting in Scotland?
5%Don't Know

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